While hair damage can be linked to extensions, it mostly comes down to poor extension quality, application and maintenance and is not due to the extensions themselves. Your hair type also plays a big role in how extensions will affect it.

There are various extension types and application methods available to women and once you’ve select the right extensions for your hair type, it’s important that you find a trained professional to apply them if you want them to last as long as possible and cause the least damage to your hair.

Safest hair extension options

Below are the types of hair extensions that will cause the least damage to your hair.

Clip-on extensions

Not only do clip-on extensions have the best price to quality ratio but you can even apply them at home yourself. Clip-on extensions are a safer option because they don’t add a lot of tension to the hair and can be removed very easily. They can also withstand a lot of wear and tear and tend to last a lot longer than other types of extensions.

However, clip-on extensions aren’t permanent and do require extra attention. If you have fine hair and want a safe way to add more volume to your hair without having to commit to something permanent, clip-on extensions are a great option.

Tape hair extensions

This relatively new extension is proving to be one of the safest options on the market today.

Tape extensions are light, which puts very little strain on the hair and since no heat or chemicals are used during application, your hair will be protected.

EH Hair tape extensions are easy to remove and care for, with daily brushing and gentle washing being the only real maintenance requirements.

If you are still concerned about using extensions on your hair, you can opt for a single application method where a single extension is used and sealed with tape instead of using two tape extensions.

MicroBead extensions

Also known as microlink, microbead extensions are another very safe option for every hair type.

Microbead extensions also don’t require any chemicals or heat during application and are a popular option amongst women with thin hair.

It’s important that a trained professional install the extensions though because if the extensions are applied too close to the scalp, you could experience tension headaches and hair damage. If you do happen to experience any pain or tension after your appointment, it’s best to return to your salon as soon as possible.

Most hair extensions will last for at least 8 months and are a worthwhile investment for those looking to achieve their dream head of hair.