Personalisation is the major theme in the fashion industry each year. This is concentrated by the fashion companies also and it delivery personalization in most possible forms.

This is apparent in the customized products to storytelling and communications to curated recommendations.  In fact, even the global fashion survey recognized personalisation as the trend mainly in this year 2018.

As per a survey taken, it revealed that over 70% US consumers do expect some personalization from the online businesses. Thus it claims they are happy to get tailored experience.

The reason for the prominence of personalized fashion is due to the growing desire and their choice of expressing style, values and self-image. The use of social media also has a significant role. Many customers, especially the younger generations share on social media about their thoughts and the kind of items they are in pursuit for. They are seeking for personal brands one of its kind.

Consumers now prefer brands aligning with values and so seek authenticity with the fashion companies they prefer and are engaged with. Today, customers want to have everything with purpose. Apparently, the product they choose must be A-Plus so that one gets that they believe in as their fashion and it has an authentic storytelling.