Men In Fashion, online mens fashion magazine, is one of the best mens fashion blogs for their viral content on mens fashion news, tips and trends. Also known as MIF, this is one acronym you can soon forget because their website is currently being rebranded with a fresher alias. They’re dropping their old name and logo for a more contemporary men’s magazine title: Equimen.

In its earliest launch, Men In Fashion was predominantly publishing fashion-based topics, including runway coverage, magazine features, male models and fashion trends. While they have no intention of eliminating or downsizing on these categories, their new vision as Equimen is to be more inclusive with their range of topics that extend beyond men’s fashion. It’s reported that even the name Equimen comes from being a more “equalized” men’s fashion magazine than their original MIF concept.

So, what can you expect from this rebranding move? Aside from a more modernized logo, their editorial team is shifting into lifestyle-based topics, ranging from pop culture to sex positions to dating tips. They’re also expanding their menswear blog by opening categories based on the latest men’s hairstyles and grooming products, like the best hairstyles for men with thin hair. It’s basically a one-stop magazine with relevant topics pertaining to all facets of men’s fashion, whether that be scoring the right haircut for a wedding or dressing for a first date.

Equimen’s Editor in Chief explained that it was the best move in order to reach a wider readership. After consolidating their audience’s feedback with men’s magazine trends, they found that men interested in fashion also want to read up on fashion-related topics that aren’t purely about new designers and where to score online sales. The modern men of today prefer visiting a space that reflects who they are, too – multidimensional men that can’t be boxed into one category.

Furthermore, they’re providing more opportunities for aspiring writers with a new pen name specifically for submissions by contributing writers. By adding contributing writers, it allows any mens fashion blog to publish the very voices that are reading their magazine. It’s a smart move for touching base with your audience.

Among today’s ever-changing trends in menswear, it’s no surprise that a mens fashion blog like MIF is rebranding in order to keep up with what stylish men are following. Equimen is just another reflection of how more men are willing to keep up with fashion.