If you’ve recently relocated to a new city or are visiting a different area for an extended amount of time, you may need to find a hair salon to keep your hair in perfect condition. However, visiting a hair salon is a highly individualised experience and it is not often quite as simple as finding a local grocery store. Take the time to research each local hair salon and follow a few of these top tips to find the perfect salon.

Referrals and Reviews

The most effective way to find the best local hair salon in Perth is to ask for referrals because people who have lived in the area for a longer amount of time will likely have tried most of the local options. If you take the time to chat with neighbours or friends in the new city, you may find that they will help point you in the direction of the town’s best hair salons. From there, research each option thoroughly online and look for the salons that have a combination of style and professionalism. Make sure that any salon you consider has plenty of great reviews from previous customers and consider visiting the location before any appointment to see if it has a comfortable atmosphere.

Services and Stylists

Always check the stylists and services offered before making an appointment with a new hair salon. Nothing is more disappointing than walking into a great new salon and finding out that the stylist you are with today doesn’t actually do the style that you need. Read the biographies of each stylist and if it is possible, check out his or her portfolio for examples of recent work. Consider choosing one or two stylists you admire ahead of time and observe each of them when you visit the location before making the appointment.

Check the Price Range

No amount of time researching the perfect salon will matter if you aren’t able to afford the appointment. Usually, it is a good idea to set a price range before you begin looking and use the range as a guide for choosing possible salons. Salons vary widely in price and it also depends on whether you simply need a trim every few weeks or if you regularly highlight your hair. You should also remember that the salon’s prices do not include tips and it is important to tip your stylist for any work done.

If you’ve narrowed the selections down to three or four options, it may be time to pick your top two and give each of them a chance. Be open to what each salon has to offer and feel free to let them know that you are looking for a new hair salon as you schedule your first appointment because they will be sure to make every effort to impress you.