A prom dance is a semi-formal high school event wherein girls and boys graduating school come dressed in their best finery for the dance. It is officially the first formal dress up occasion in their lives and so nowadays girls take dressing up for this occasion very seriously.

Today the market is flooded with designer prom dresses, and practically any designer worth his while makes designer prom dresses.

A few things to keep in mind when shopping for your designer prom dress

  • Start your search a few months in advance of your prom night.
  • Study the latest trends going on in the market and make sure you shortlist a few designs that are to your liking.
  • There is no dearth of fabrics available in the market so deciding between satin, lace, silk, tulle, chiffon, velvet etc. makes searching for that perfect designer dress easier.

  • When shopping online make sure the website is selling original designer prom dresses and not copied designs.
  • Plan your budget keeping in mind that you will not only have to spend on the dress but also on accessorizing with clips, jewelry, underwear as well as shoes.

How to choose a designer prom dress that will flatter your personality?

Be aware of what style of dress will suit your face and body type:

  • With round face opt for V necks and empire necklines as they will give your face an elongated look.
  • For triangular faces cowl necks, scoop necks help in giving the face a curved look.
  • For heart-shaped faces, boat necks work well in accentuating the face.
  • Square faced people should avoid wearing square necklines and cowl, scoop, Sabrina or sweetheart necklines will help in softening the features.


  • Black or white are classics that are hard to go wrong by.
  • Red will make you feel bold, passionate and empowered and depend on the statement you want to make, it is a great choice of color for your designer prom dress.
  • Gold, silver, and shimmers are great options for prom dresses.
  • If you are fond of bold and bright colors make sure to tone it down with accessories.


Depending on the look you want, you will have to choose your dress length from short to long to flowing.

If you are short in height and plan to wear a long dress, a little trick will help you in finding the perfectly fitting prom dress. Buy a short dress that is long for you. It will not only fit you perfectly accentuating your figure, you will also not have to alter the length of the dress.

Prom night is a very special day in the lives of the schoolgirls and prepping in advance will not only ensure you have the best designer prom dress on your special night, it will also make you feel on top of the world.